Is a secure site for the study of living and offering educational programs and a variety of excellent and the level of scientific quality and a global reputation .
    Is a country Mrahab and hospitable to all nationalities and different civilizations , Vtstqubl students from different countries , European , Asian and American ...
    The official language is English in the country and there are several institutes and educational programs of the language , in addition to the fields of scientific disciplines and different exposure like most developed countries .
    New Zealand has a mild climate and fun so that abound events and activities such as outdoor sports : swimming , golf , sailing, wilderness trips , tennis, water skiing or snowboarding all this and more and Society is available near the various scientific institutes .

    Newzeland Visa

     Visa Requirements in NewZeland

    Visa Requirements Around 60,000 NZ student visas are granted each year. We belive visa acceptance rate is 90%+ Most International students will have to get NZ student visa for full-tile studies (like MS, PhD). In case if your course is less than 3 months then you might be excempted from Student Visa (but you will need visitor visa). You can apply for a


    New zealand accommodation

     Living Costs in Newzeland

    Living Costs New zealand accommodation  The cost of living in New Zealand is similar to that in Australia, and less than in Britain. Tertiary students should budget for up to NZ$20,000 a year in living expenses. Indicative costs $100 to $200 a week for accommodation 50 cents to post a letter within New Zealand $4.45 for a Big Mac at McDonald's Free local phone calls from


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