Throughout its history, France has been a centre for creativity and the dissemination of culture. Still today, France holds a prominent position in the field of math and sciences (mathematics, astrophysics, biology, medicine, genetics, physics) with such key figures as Charpack, Pierre Gilles de Gennes and Luc Montagnier. Over the past ninety years, the French scientific community has been awarded twenty-six Nobel prizes. The French government finances 50% of scientific research. The large public research institutions (the National Centre for Scientific Research, the National Institute for Health and Medical Research, the National Institute for Agronomical Research) admit many international students and high-level researchers each year. 

    Visa Requirements in France

     Visa Requirements in France

     Visa Requirements in France French Visa 3 very important pieces of advice : A tourist visa cannot be converted into a student visa in France or in any other country of the European Union. If you plan to complete two programs in succession (such as a program in French as a foreign language, followed by an academic program), obtain admission to both programs


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