New zeland Visa

Visa Requirements
Around 60,000 NZ student visas are granted each year.
We belive visa acceptance rate is 90%+
Most International students will have to get NZ student visa for full-tile studies (like MS, PhD). In case if your course is less than 3 months then you might be excempted from Student Visa (but you will need visitor visa).
You can apply for a student visa before travelling to New Zealand. A student visa granted outside NZ will allow you to travel to the New Zealand. When you arrive, an officer will check that you meet all of the conditions of your visa to be granted entry permission to study in New Zealand.
To apply for a student visa, or a limited visa to study, or a further limited visa to study you must complete and sign the form Student Visa Application (INZ 1012).. Documents required are
Passport sized Photographs
Passport Details
Medical Certificate (medical examination and a medical and x-ray certificate.)
Police Certificate
You must show that you have been offered admission a New Zealand education provider.
Relationship Proof (if you are coming with family)
Evidence of Financial support
Health Insurance
Application Fees
You are allowed to work 20 hrs during your studies
You are allowed to work in NZ after your studies (through Study to Work Policy visa)


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