Accommodation in Ireland

Living Costs in Ireland

Accommodation in Ireland
The main costs that students can expect to incur while studying in Ireland include fees, accommodation and living expenses. These vary considerably depending on the course, the institution and the lifestyle of the student.
The figures given below provide a guideline only for budgeting. Costs do not remain static, so it is important to double check fees with the institutions of your choice and to ask their advice on other living costs. Living Expenses vary depending on the type of accommodation preferred and on the personal expenditure of the student.

To give some idea of the total cost involved, the following approximate figures for 2001/2002 are given as a guide to overall expenses for one academic year (usually 9 months). All prices are in Euros.

Expenses Euros
Textbooks  € 800-1,000
Accommodation (Including Heat and Light) Self Catering Accommodation  € 3,500-5,400
On Campus Accommodation
Family-based Accommodation € 1,700-2,500
 € 3,500-4,600

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