Living Costs in UK

Living Costs

Living Costs in UK

Working out what living expenses you will need to consider and how much they will cost you will depend on so many factors. For example if you want to live the lifestyle you have been doing with your parents back in your home country - this will probably be very expensive to do, so you might have to make compromises!
As a rough guide we have calculated what it could cost you for the major items you will need when you are in the UK:
Food - if you buy your own food, try and budget in about £25 to £30 per week to purchase food supplies. You can of course be smart and savvy about this and save much more.
Telephone (landline) - BT has a base rate of £10/ month for just line rental so calls are charged on top of this so that would be £2.50 per week.
Telephone (mobile) - the cost of mobiles varies depending on the provider and tariff you are on. Prepaid is generally cheaper to control costs, but if you make a lot of calls a contract will start at £5/ week.
DSL/ Internet - most companies charge a base of £5/ week for standard DSL in the UK
Bills - if you live in a house or apartment you will need to calculate water, heating and electricity into your budget - this can be anything from £10/week for all bills depending on the time of year.
Travel - if you live away from University you will need to include travel expenses in your budget. This can be anything from £10/ week, more if you live in London.
Study Materials - books, notepads, paper, printer cartridges are all things you will need and you should budget .

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