New zealand accommodation

Living Costs

New zealand accommodation

The cost of living in New Zealand is similar to that in Australia, and less than in Britain. Tertiary students should budget for up to NZ$20,000 a year in living expenses.
Indicative costs
$100 to $200 a week for accommodation
50 cents to post a letter within New Zealand
$4.45 for a Big Mac at McDonald's
Free local phone calls from a home phone
$10 to $15 to go to the movies
$1.60 for a 1-stage bus fare
Education expenses additional to fees
Living and study costs vary according to your age, the course you are taking, and the type of accommodation you choose. Use the following estimates as a guideline.
Textbooks and stationery $500 a year
Student ID card  $20
Students' association membership $30
Photocopy cards $100
Bus fares $30 to $60 a week
Coffee in student cafeteria $1 to $3 a cup
Hot meals in cafeteria up to $7 for a one-course meal

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